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 Worried your baby’s bottle gets cold out of home? The USB Bottle Warmer is all   you need!

If your baby wants warm milk all the time, it’s best to have a USB Baby Nursing Bottle Heater by your side. This little wrap will make sure you can warm up a bottle of milk wherever you may be and make your baby happy and full. A must-have for the on-the-go moms!


  • Warms up milk anytime, anywhere. With this device, you can always give your precious baby warm milk anywhere you go. This is especially helpful when you’re on travel and there is no warm water available. You can heat milk so your baby won’t have upset tummy from drinking a cold one.

  • Easy to use. Simply put the wrap around your baby’s milk bottle and connect the USB cable to your power bank. In just a few minutes, you’ll have warm, delicious milk ready to serve.  Also works on your laptop or power sockets using an adaptor.

  • Ultra-portable. With the USB cable detachable and the wrap foldable, it’s so easy to stash in your pouch, pocket, bag or car glove box.

  • A breeze to clean. The bottle wrap is made of cotton. You can hand wash it and air dry when it gets dirty.


  • Great gift idea. Available in 6 cute designs and makes satisfying a hungry tot easier, it’s the best gift you can share for the busy, multitasking, always-on-the-run moms. Make their lives a little more convenient.

Type: Warmers & Sterilizers
Size:: 28*13cm / 11.0*5.1in
Type:: Warmers & Sterilizers
Material:: cotton + spandex blend

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